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Let's talk about Poker.

by Honey Chip.

So you have heard some of the great things about the poker community and want to get involved? Not knowing the game is not a reason not to play. At @bro-poker there are players of various levels.

Poker is no different to any other sporting game. It takes experience to improve. This post and a few following will give the basics to the game. Hopefully, show some who might like to play the basics they need to begin.

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Registering and getting to your game is easy. Head on over to Brosinopoker After registering Log in by clicking on the homepage Game Lobby. Logged in you will see this screen after clicking okay on the message.


The majority of time you will probably use the freeroll tab. Marked by the red arrows pointing up in the image. Click here and the available freeroll poker games will be visible.


A range of games across a range of times. Something that can suit many.

  • Hourly games
    Each hour on the half hour a turbo game starts for 10 Sports tokens. These games vary across a range of games including NLHE, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz and HORSE mixed game. All of the games I enjoy playing myself and look forward to meeting up with the poker crew.

  • Set Tournaments.
    Set Tournaments are run at regular times and the majority of the time will start at the top of the hour. These games offer Ticket rewards along with a some Steem. The Tickets provide entry to to games with higher rewards.
    Games that require a Ticket are shown by a T in the buy in column.

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Register for your game

Click on the game you want to play and it will highlight. Shown with the Green arrow.
At the base of the page click on Register and a pop up will appear asking for your OK.
Click the OK and you are registered.
The game window will pop up and open at the preset time for the game to begin.


Now we wait for the game to begin.

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Honey Chip.

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