Do you know it compensates to vote more than 100 posts a day on sportstalksocial and on steem in general? Do it through automation with steemauto

Do you know it compensates to vote more than 100 posts a day? This because the voting power is reduced by 2% with each vote, but not 2% of the initial vote, but 2% of the actual vote...and the voting power regenerates at 20% of the initial vote each, if you vote 1000 posts a day, it will generate much more love($$$) to your network of curated authors(and eventually to you in curating rewards) than if you vote 10 posts a day.
You can automate your vote and choose some people to be automatically voted by you each time they post if you use (
Here you can find a good tutorial on how to register on steemauto ->
However they changed steemauto a bit and some things can be outdated but it should be easy to register....if you want to be automatically vote by me comment on my previous post and I will add you to my bot and you will be automatically voted by me everytime you post. Please consider having the same gesture to me.

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I have been voting a lot of posts in sportstalk but have not received curation rewards. Not sure why.

your stake is very low and it's very seems until some days you had 0 stake....0 stake = 0 curation rewards...and the curation takes 7 days seems you only have stake for 6-7 days....wait a bit

Okay thanks, you are right. Just got a bit of rewards today. Thought that after staking my tokens, I could get curation rewards from posts that reached 7 days.

But what happened is that you needed to wait 7 days After staking the tokens to get the rewards.

Thanks again for the time. 😊

O problema é que existe o mana (antigo bandwid) que também decresce à medida que vais interagindo na Blockchain (comments, votes, posts, transfers, etc)

sim mas isso aumentas imenso num instante...basta ganhares meia dúzia de steem power...quem não tiver suficiente peça que eu delego algum que eu tenho outras contas...mas votar gasta pouco....o que gasta muito é postar