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RE: My Pitch for Sportstalk Referee

Good luck on running for ref. It would be cool to have you on the team. If I even make it. Right now it doesn't look too good! I have been on Steem two years and I have learned a lot about creating content that I have tried to bring over to STS in my role as a ref. Some of it worked out well, and others kind of hit a wall. It can be a tricky slope sometimes!


Thanks man, you too. I'm interested to see whether this "verified" status will make any difference to the outcome. If you're not verified does that mean you won't be elected? I also believe that a couple of people are technically on the list twice e.g. their ref accounts and their regular posting accounts. Presumably, only 1 account per individual can be elected?

Yes, that is correct about the single accounts I would hope. I think some of those people on there twice have already tried to get that sorted out by requesting people remove their votes and apply them to the correct referee account instead. It is mainly happening to the people who are currently referees.

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