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RE: My Pitch for Sportstalk Referee

in #sportstalksocial4 years ago

Hey dude. Why you downvoting everyone everywhere? Cos you've got little power? And now you could pounds on every post you see and downvoting? You wanna start the game? And I'll get 20M power just to wreck you.
I see you do that to someone without hey, this is what you did wrong.
Why are you trying to bring Steemit bullshit down here?


Thanks for highlighting yourself. You can't do posts like that as at least write your own material.

Bob. You have been on Steem for nearly 2 and a half years and know the rules. Copying and pasting and using it as your material isn't allowed.

Y'all are just fools. Plagiarism is when you copy someone's work without reference it. Y'all suffers from delusion and hatred. Same shit you did on Steemit bring down here.

I fuckin invested my fund on this platform and have the right to use it how I want. U wanna use your little muscle you've got. Fuck y'all.

Surprise! This is the same blockchain that Steemit uses :O - I know that might be a shock but SPORTS is not a different blockchain. Each post on sportstalksocial is a post on Steem .

So you think it's right to copy as long as you reference? Not the whole post dick head. No hatred at all and you are the only delusional person here thinking that this behavior is alright.

Downvoting you because you are copy and pasting. If you don't already know that's wrong then it seems little point in trying to explain it to you...

I don't need your explanation. You're just the little guy snatching missed opportunity on Steemit to use it here. This ain't going nowhere if you're gonna be stupid to see what you're doing wrong. What is plagiarism?

Now you raping the pool with your stinking posts. Owing millions of accounts. I ain't got time bargaining with you cos I've got better place to be.

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