Aleem Dar and Wilson's umpires were criticized

Aleem Dar and Wilson's umpires were criticized after 10 erroneous decisions were made in the first 2 days of the Edgbaston Test. England would have got wickets, Pacer did LBW to Warner, and despite the ball going out, Aleem Dar raised his finger, this time Australia did not approach the third umpire and lost the wicket. Wilson did not catch Usman Khawaja; decision in review proved wrong. Granted, this decision also changed after the third umpire approached, but Joel Wilson did not give LBW to Matthew Wade on Chris Vieux's ball. That decision also changed. Alim Dar got James Patterson on the outside ball of Stuart Broad. LBW Diwas, Australia's wicket was ruled out for non-review, Joel Wilson gave Peter Siddle to LBW at Chris Vieux's ball, the decision of the third umpire was not justified. The day the umpires made at least 7 wrong decisions, 4 of them were from Aleem Dar, the next day Joel Wilson did not give LBW on Nathan Lyon's ball. He called the gambling route a catch-out behind the wickets even though the ball was hit by stumps, the wicket was ruled out after the Bulls failed, and the ball was replaced by Joey Root. Didiya - The second day in the opening session, the number of wrong decisions of both umpires was 5.5. TV commentators also expressed surprise, with English newspapers also raising criticism on social media, Aleem Dar and Joel Wilson. There was also a series of sarcastic phrases on the performance of.

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