Mbappe is a phenomenal player

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Kylian Mbape's comeback from injury in a brilliant way, he was a star when PSG shaved Club Brugge last night, where he scored three goals and one assist.

Mbape has been absent in the last few PSG matches due to injury problems, but he hasn't lost his touch at all and also doesn't need time to return to top form.

Mbape is the type of player who will be the next star after the end of Leonel Messi and Ronaldo, Mbape who used to idolize Ronaldo has now become a star at a club as big as PSG.

Mbape also broke a record last night, where he became a young player who reached 15 fastest gop in the Champions League, Mbape passed Leonel Messi's record. Flattery continues to arrive for Mbape, one of them from PSG captain Thiago Silva who said that Mbape is a phenomenal player.

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