What Is It Called Sports?

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Whenever a person think about sports, the first thing that comes to their mind are basketball, football and baseball. They are the common sports we heard and know of ever since. But there are other sports around the world that we never thought its a sports.

What is a sports?

A sports is a human activity that involves utilization of physical skill which then use to compete with another. As it evolves, mind power becomes a good factors with sports then. Lots of sports nowadays, requires huge amount brain to be able to win.

Other definition of sports is that anything that can be use for and being competitive. If a person is competing for something with someone, then it's a sport. Other say, it can only be a sport when it is done in Olympics and other huge competition.


Common sports and it's brief history

Cricket - Originated in Southeast England in the 16th century and had become a global sports during 19th and 20th centuries. 

Baseball - This game was invented by Alexander Cartwright in 1845 and established a club name Knickerbocker Base Ball Club which the founder of the rules and regulations of the game.

Softball- It was invented through the image of baseball that is played indoor during cold winter.

Basketball - A very common sports which is played all over the world which rules were created way back year 1892. 

Rugby - Originally called as Harpasum 2000 years ago which was then debuted in its modern state in the year 1749.


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