The World's First Sports

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The meaning of Sports as define by SportAccord is an act that has an element of competition, not harmful, does not rely on any equipment, not rely on luck and can be both physical and mental. Others thought that Hunting was the first sport because this activity is significant to the early humans but if we are going to consider the meaning of sports provided by SportAccord, hunting is not a sport.

For several studies and research, it was found out that Wrestling is first sport. This is not an assumption by SportAccord but a findings that was painted way back 17,000 years ago. This findings was strengthen with the paintings found in Mongolia, shows that 7000 BC wrestling match were done and is watched by people.

There are other sports tha claim to be the first but Wrestling standout to them all because it was supported by facts found from the ancient history. Maybe, wrestling is not the first sports but why is it not recorded? The Indian Vedas referred wrestling as the first sports and it's not only them, even Mahabharata and Ramayana of Gilgamesh and Homers of The Iliad, referred Wrestling as the first sports.

Wrestling as we know it, is very common to Japanese but if we take a look back history, wrestling started from the ancient Greece. It became a very significant aspect of their lives and was carried throughout Roman times. 



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