Bought and Stake 1.6M Sports

in sportstalk •  11 days ago 


I have my chances

Out of the allowances that my parents gave me, I was able to keep something as a saving. Instead of buying something for me, I thought, since my parents are both engage in Steemit for years, I wanted to surprise them of what I bought of my savings from my allowance.

I bought a total of 1.6M Sports from steem-engine and staked them all.

My intentions is to help them because I felt the hardships that they are going through everyday just to support my studies and my brothers as well. It's not easy to make money especially that all my siblings are in to schools.

To all the students out there, if you wanted to help your parents, maybe you can try this as well. Buy Sports and staked it. I believe that with this investment, I might be able to support my studies and my brothers, without asking too much from our parents.

Thank you Sports Community for letting me have this chances.

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