Leo Messi, an excellent football player for Argentina/里奥·梅西,阿根廷队一位出色的足球队员

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Football is especially popular in Europe and is very popular with local people. People can play football all night, shout loudly with beer and cheer for their favorite team. Especially in the small bar, there will be a TV. Every time we get to the World Cup, the bar can be said to be overcrowded.

I don't know much about football fanaticism, but I like football as a team sport. The reason is that football is a perfect combination of speed, strength and skill, and more importantly, it is a test of teamwork and tacit understanding.

There are different football teams all over the world, some of them are small football teams, and some of them are large football teams at the national level. Among these football teams, I prefer Brazil, probably because Brazil is the "Kingdom of Football".

But among many football players, I still like [Leo Messi]. We all like to call him "Messi".

Rio Messi, born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina on June 24, 1987, is an Argentine football player who has won many honors for the Argentine football team. I like Messi as a player, mainly because Messi is handsome and friendly.

Another is Messi's skill...

Among many football stars, Messi is the most admirable. Messi is really superb in football skills. Messi is very strict in shooting. It can be said that Messi shoots through precise calculation.

Messi has perfect coordination of left and right legs, which can make Messi easy to pass on the court and make Messi shoot a beautiful ball.

Messi led the football team to many championships between 2000 and 2008, but heroes always miss out.

Messi officially withdrew from the Argentine national team after losing the World Cup in 2014, the Americas Cup in 2015 and the Americas Cup in 2016. After a period of immersion, Messi returned to the Argentine national team on August 13.

Messi can be said to be a legend. He has created many records. He has made a game so crazy and wonderful.

Love life, love sports.






另外就是梅西的球技... ...












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