In sweaty afternoons, through sports大汗淋漓的下午,通过体育运动

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Today's life is very full, if it is through writing articles, it is absolutely not enough. Sports is one of the things I do every day, which enriches my life through sports.

I do heavy squats and rope skipping every day. I usually do it in the afternoon, especially between 15:00 and 16:00, which is the best time to do it in the morning.

Today, as usual, I started with 200 squats, weighing 1.6 kilograms, and then began to warm up for rope skipping. When the warm-up is good, I will start rope skipping, which is 2000 times and weighs 0.6 kilograms.

It's a process that needs willpower very much. The whole process is not pleasant at first, but it's much more comfortable
if you stick to it. Even if it is very painful, it will feel normal.

In fact, such a combination of sports is easy to sweat, especially the first heavy squat in rope skipping. But that's the effect, because good bodies are watered with sweat.

Although sweating, I'm happy. Exercise makes me healthy. Exercise makes me happy.

There is a pleasure called the pleasure of grinding your teeth and sticking to it when you are doing a lot of sports. This kind of happiness is sweet and can not be replaced except for sports.

When my clothes were soaked in sweat, I had the idea of giving up, but when I thought "perseverance is victory, perseverance in life will smile at you", I held back the pain and persevered.

This is my sweat dripping down, but also a simple moment of my sports life.

Love life, love sports.













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