Heavy squat done tonight/今天晚做的负重深蹲

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Life lies in sports. Sports are indispensable in my life. Proper sports can improve my physical quality and make me healthier and healthier.

But appropriate social activities can make it clear to me that I am still part of the human community, which may take up a part of my time, but it is very important. Imagine that one's freedom is as important as one's health.

Today's sport is going on a little later. When the sky is close to darkness after a short rainstorm, my sport today has officially begun. I don't want to press the pause button on sports just because of a little thing. It's irresponsible. If I want to have a healthy and strong body all the time, then I have to be self-disciplined and explain it with practical action.

My daily sport is heavy squatting. The amount of exercise is 200 squats, weighing 1.6 kilograms. If you are serious about 200 squats, it can be done quickly and simply, which can not take up too much of my time.

What's the key? The most important thing is that the body will change in the right direction through constant physical activity every day. In fact, no matter how late it is, it only takes a little time to do a sport that suits you. Of course, sports are more recommended to be completed before 17 o'clock, so that the effect of sports is better.

Some people don't know what they want to do every day. That's because they have never planned their lives. What I do is to make sports more natural and regular. Today, after the completion of the amount of exercise, all the feelings of a sudden enlightenment, this is the strength of sports.

This is my sport today, you also need to refuel!

Love life, love sports.










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