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RE: Announcing Changes to @sportsvoter

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I am really sorry; but I dont agree with you and I have my own reservations:-

  • You said it creates selling pressure and that is why you are giving in sports power and now you have decided for a 75/25 split. But dont you think that as you take in sports for bidding your bot for an steem upvote, that equally creates buying pressure. So it is not a good argument that giving liquid reward creates selling pressure.

  • If you have decided for a 75/25 split, why don't you consider for 50/50 split as that is new found and evolving concept in steem blockchain.

  • You are capping it now with 10% as against 20%, then why to give sports power then, is not that faily balanced now if you are reducing it from 20% to 10%.


It was creating selling pressure because we were distributing 288,000 tokens daily while only burning 10k or so tokens. Beyond the fact this was grossly undervaluing our community's value it was leaving delegators to need to sell 270,000 tokens if they didn't decide to use them to increase their own SPORTS POWER.

We've decided on 75/25 SPORTS POWER/SPORTS only for the delegation payments. The existing content payments will continue to be a 50/50 payout. We want to encourage delegators to not only gain value from our community through their delegation but also through their participation in the community's consensus thus we are favoring staked distributions.

We actually aren't reducing at all. The previous scale was up to 20% based on the number of Steem Power that was delegated. It's current value was only 10% so we are simply capping the existing value to not go any higher for the time being. As we continue to evaluate we'll hopefully reimplement the sliding scale for payments in the future.

I dont think you are giving payout in 75/25 ratio, as I have noticed I am still receiving my daily sports reward in sports power. Can you please clarify on this ?

Its still coming. As soon as the dev pushes the fix I'll be making a liquid payout for the time it's been doing all SPORTS POWER payouts.

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