Manny Pacquiao Against Danny Garcia

in #sportstalk3 years ago


Danny Garcia might want to challenge the 8 division best on the planet Manny Pacquiao. He said that, Pacquiao ought not utilized his name in media yet rather challenge him to see that Pacquiao isn't anxious about him. It was quite a while in the past that Pacquiao might want to battle Garcia however lamentably it didnt occur.

As per Garcia, Team Pacman will again backout simply like what happen last time where they had talk for such a long time about the battle however rather they pick Keith Thurman.

Mentor Freddie Roach likewise included that, Garcia would be the best rival for Pacquiao. Garcia is one of an incredible contender and he was likewise called the legend executioner. As indicated by Roach, the battle would be in February. Garcia said that he is a lot of meriting contender than Thurman. He additionally included that he is a superior knockout puncher and a superior counter puncher than Keith Thurman.

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