Samuel Peters, Former WBC Champion Most Embarrassing Defeat Ever

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Nigerian former WBC Champion was humiliated in Canada on Saturday 7th after being knocked out in the the first round by Arslanbek Makhmudov

When Samuel Peters was still in his prime he was known for being a big contender for against Klitschko brothers: Wladimir and Vitali until his he began to have a fading career.

When Samuel Peter won the WBC title, he was more of a fluke champion whose reign was even shorter than that of Andy Ruiz. He barely lasted more than three rounds in his first defense title and he has subsequently been humiliated ever since then

Samuel Peters should have just retired instead of looking for a way to resurrect he dead career. He is a former world heavyweight champion who has been reduced to a loaf of bread. Hughie Fury disgraced him the last time and now an unknown boxer just humiliated him again in the first round.



I wonder why Samuel Peter isn't living up to his records instead of disgracing himself because of few thousand dollars. He could have just retired instead of still fighting at age 39

What do you guys think?


I actually think he is older than that.

And it seems he doesn't know what else to do than to keep punching or serve as a punching bag.

If he is happy and his management is happy, all the best to him. At least he is securing the bag.