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Bowling is a target (which is like throwing a dart on its board) and a recreational activity in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball toward pins (in pin bowling) or another target (in target bowling).

It is one of the sports that helps you relax your muscles and stretches your bones after a long day.

We have different types of bowling;

  • In Pin Bowling,


The goal is to knock over pins at the end of a lubricated lane, with either two or three balls per frame allowed to knock down all pins. A strike is achieved when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll, and a spare is achieved if all the pins are knocked over on a second roll.

Lanes have wood or synthetic surfaces onto which protective lubricating oil is applied in different specified oil patterns that vary ball path characteristics.
Common types of pin bowling include ten-pin, candlepin, duckpin, nine-pin, and five-pin bowling.

  • In Target Bowling,


The aim is usually to get the ball as close to a mark as possible. The surface in target bowling may be grass, gravel, or synthetic.

Bowls, skittles, bocce, carpet and boules may have both indoor and outdoor varieties.

Bowling is played by 100 million people in more than 90 countries (including 70 million in the United States), and is the subject of many video games.

In the U.S. and Canada, the term bowling usually refers to ten-pin bowling whereas in the U.K. and Commonwealth countries the term often denotes lawn bowls.


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