Staked another 400k tokens

in sportstalk •  18 days ago 


Staked another 400k SPORTS tokens today moving up to 606635 SPORTS tokens.

Looking to add more tokens in future as more people when more people will start to use sportstalk tag.

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There are many types of tribes popping up lately in Steem engine. But I personally feel that Sportstalksocial has great future going ahead. For the next 1 or 2 months those who can stake good amount of SPORTS token are going to be the real winner in the long run.

I feel that SPORTS is really cheap, but once bull season will return in altcoins, it will give good returns.

Last but not the least sports topics are easy, funny and interesting to engage with.

Looking forward to your future posts.

Congratulations for this milestone.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissul...

You have a new follower now. Great to see you with 0.6 million SPORTS staked. I hope in near future you will achieve the next mile stone which is 1 million SPORTS. I will definitely engage with you on daily basis on sports related content. I personally love Cricket, NFL, Chess.

Yes 1 million sports definitely is a target

Great news my friend :)

It´s good to see more and more people writing about sports. And being rewarded for it. Great!

Congratulation Dear, this is huge pile up of sports power. You are on the right track to generate sports power. I am sure your follower base will increase rapidly in sports.

I have seen many different types of tribes in steem but sports is something i find genuine love from people. Therefore i can see a very bright future of this tribe in steem. You have taken a wise decision to stake it up and that will also give you the influence power in sportstalksocial.

Wow...that is massive SPORTS POWER.
By staking SPORTS would mean that you are a genuine sports lover.
Congrats for this accomplishment.
Sports on....

You are whale, I am new here. I wish I can also make SPORTS earning and build up my SPORTS POWER. Anyway, many many congratulations...

Stay active u will easily earn some SPORTS

Yes, that is what trying to do nowadays. But I think it will not be easy at the start and I have to be patient and should keep on posting daily without caring for the earning.

At what rate did you buy? I am also planning to buy 20 USD worth sports and probably next week I will buy and stake.

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Around $0.00070

You got at a cheap rate, if the same rate I will get next week, I would feel lucky.

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Great sir, this approach will inspire others in sportstalksocial.

you're a sports whale....congrats.....I'm also powering up here...all the best


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I'm staking a lot of Sports too. The future is coming.

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Yes buy them while they are cheap

Congratulations @sports.lover!
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