Sumo; An Original Modern Japanese Martial

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Sumo originated in Japan for more than a thousand years ago, it is a modern Japanese martial art where two rikishi wrestle with their bodies within a circle.

 To win one opponent has to push the other out of the circle, or by pushing or throwing the other opponent to the ground where another part of his body besides his feet is touch the ground. Being tall, bulky and heavy, with strength and agility gives the players an edge.

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This sport is also a tradition started by the Shinto religion, the competitors wear Shinto guard of different colors, which is tied around the waist and get in to the ring. 

Before the wrestling begins, you can see the the wrestlers raising their their legs to the side and stomping, this according to the tradition is done to ward off evil spirits from the ring. You will also see in the traditional sumo wrestling that the participants toss some salt, this is said to appease the Shinto guards. 

During the fight you can see the wrestler slam or slapping each other, or trying to toss one another to the ground, there aren't any rules but to make the opponent lose by tossing him to the ground or out of the ring. These fights usually lasts less than a minute. What an amazing sport.

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Sumo wrestlers have to eat lots of food them to maintain their size and stay strong, usually they feast on "chanko nabe", made from lots of fatty meat, eggs and vegetable, and they eat it in large quantities. They also eat other foods like rice, fish, tofu etc. As a sumo wrestler, eating junk food is not recommended  as the body requires a diet that is balance with lots of protein.

Facing the heaviest Japanese recorded in history, a professional sumo wrestler and a two time world champion, he is taken down by one of the amateurs, can we call that beginners luck?

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Its really fun to try out new things and gain new experiences, these guys definitely did not get intimidated by Yama's size or by his titles as world champion, they still made the most out of the moment. 

Lets not be afraid to try new things and explore.


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