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Lately 'Ancient Turkey', 'New Turkey' javelin throwing around concepts. Especially some TV channels keep telling us how we have progressed by comparing the old and the new for 24 hours, how comfortable and prosperous we have reached, and in a chorus by putting us in the act of idiots. How bad if 'Old Turkey, beauty, how much, if any cosiness' lists are the new Turkey! I tell you, 'I will tell a story of ancient Turkey: Once upon a time there was a Tercuman newspaper. I think that in 76-77 years 'Brain Drain from Turkey' had published a series of articles titled. Those who are curious can find these articles in the archives of the National Library. A young person is graduating from Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. He goes because he has a good financial situation and specializes in the USA. When he finishes his specialization, he returns to Cerrahpaşa, where he graduated. Chief doctor goes out and explains his situation. He says, 'Give me a job at my faculty. Chief physician excited young doctor: 'Sorry, our faculty's faculty staff are full; but we have a vacancy in our servant staff, if you want, we can employ you 'he says, sarcastically! The young doctor is astonished. He gets up in great anger, slams the door and takes the road to the USA that day. Let's listen to the rest from him: 'I am currently in the USA. I own a big mansion. My wife and daughter have private cars. I'm making millions of dollars. If that chief doctor is alive, may Allah be pleased with him, if he was not, I would not have been able to make this fortune! Yes, I won; but I feel very sorry for one thing: My country lost me by being lost here! ' If you want a new Turkey 'story, students Olcay Yavuz read the story I shared this page! You'll see if you read on, 'New Turkey' concept is a big bullshit. The truth is that a lot has been done in the past 50 years; but heads have never changed! .....