Running to its destination

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He was already coming back, at a slow and tired jog, good that he was already down the road..Arriving at your destination.


She was just going, at a faster jog, she had all the energy, departing at your destination.


They did not run to meet each other, no, it is not a love story, they are only strangers who cross the same path, although with a similar goal.

Text and photography by @samic
Lumia Camera

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This is great writing and excellent photography. interesting article .
Thanks @samic.sports
Have a nice day.

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@ samic.sports hello dear friend, this is a beautiful activity, but it requires a great sacrifice, no matter how much you run, the last instances always weigh
The editions of the images were great, even seems to have movement. thank you very much for showing it to us
I wish you a happy rest

thanks dear friend, not as clear as I would like, when they and I are moving, some focus and sharpness are lost.

@samic.sports excellent friend, I am also leaving my house every day to do physical activity and publishing it on this wonderful sports platform, you have my vote in this publication I hope we can help us grow together.