England's clubs are considering changing the Mercato summer closing date again

in #sportstalk7 months ago

LONDON (Reuters) - Premier League clubs will discuss whether to change the summer transfer window when they meet next month.

The English clubs agreed in 2017 to end the summer Mercato before the start of the new season of Premier League.

However, it seems that the implementation of the decision did not impress some clubs on the contrary than expected, where Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino, for example, admitted that the decision was incorrect, and to see details from here.

According to the network, "Sky Sports" global England clubs intend to hold a meeting on September 12 to discuss some of the routine things may be addressed to change the issue of the closing date of Mercato summer.

She explained that there is no proposal on the vote on that resolution at a meeting next month, and may be postponed to next November or in the new year.

In accordance with established rules, the transfer deadline in England will be changed if 11 clubs agree.


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