Short trekking around the neighborhood.

in #sportstalk4 years ago

I guess I have to buy trekking poles,

because last days I have been walking more often than riding a bike.

This time I didn't have much time (about an hour), so I went for fast trekking near the house.


I left the walking-cycling path, quickly walk by the asphalt side path.


I had a good pace, but I had to stop several times to admire the wonderful autumn views.




I had another stop on the bridge. The rest of the route led uphill, so I decided to rest for a moment to calm my heart rate.



After a short rest, it's time to go up the hill.



At the top, the path straightened and I could rest for a moment.



The path led me to the meadow.



My trekking time was coming to an end. I had to turn back and go down. After the way I caught a few more signs of autumn.




I finished trekking in the same place from which I set off. Look at the first and last photo - you can see how the sun shifted in an hour.


Trekking was short (about an hour), I did it in intervals - I walked quickly, then I rested to normalize my heart rate, and I walked quickly again.

Interval training is a very interesting form of training. I recommend you try it out.

my post on


Trekking Pole :D

Juz kiedys mowilam.. ale..
jak tam u Ciebie ladnie!

Uroki Szczyrku zacząłem doceniać wraz z wymianą telefonu - na zdjęciach z Samsunga wszystko wygląda jakoś tak ładniej ;)

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