Be fit Or be Dead #32

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I try to actively use the nice weather.


I was supposed to go to the Zimnik Valley, but I changed my plan because I remembered a charming forest lake that I haven't been to for many years.


However, to get to this lake, you have to overcome a considerable hill, so pleasant with useful - nice views and good training awaited me.


I remembered that the lake is hidden in the forest, behind the first serpent turn leading to the pass (which I will want to ride on a bicycle someday)


I left my bike behind the guard rail and went down a bit through the woods in search of the lake.



I was very surprised when instead of a nice lake that I remembered, I found what looked like an overgrown swamp.



I was coming back another way towards the bicycle. I heard a mountain stream, so I decided to go down to see this place up close.


After so much effort related to the uphill ride, it was nice to relax for a moment and rest in the cool forest, listening to the sound of the mountain stream.





After a few minutes of rest, I started ride down.

To sum up -

I gained a new record in a one-time calorie burn - 998 calories.
My ride lasted over an hour and a half, I drove almost 23 kilometers. The height difference up to 285 meters.


The mountain I ride on looked like this:


This time I did not make a loop, because driving through Szczyrk, I am riding in a mountain valley, so you can only move up and down.


Today it's time for recovery (I feel this uphill ride in my legs). In the afternoon I will play drums and tomorrow I will ride a bike again.

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God but at the end of the day you did travel a lot, tell me you don't get tired? While you exercise you are hydrating? Give me your tips hahaha

Only when I finish work I can afford a pleasant ride on a bike. I usually drive late in the afternoon. I am little often tired, but the bike and beautiful views give me extra strength. I always have a water with me on the road, and sometines, for heavy effort, I add creatine to the water.

It's a pity that the lake changed into a swamp but your driving was definitely still worth it :) Your photos are stunning and the landscape is truly beautiful.

I also try to actively use the last summer days as the autumn here is rainy and cold. I'm not even talking about the winter so it's good to enjoy for as long as we can :)

Thank you for sharing and happy driving! :)

I remember many years ago there was a real beautiful lake. Now this place also has its own unique charm.
Autumn in Europe can also be beautiful, so we have another wonderful moments in beautiful nature ahead of us.
Greetings from Poland.

Congrats on a Curie vote!
Beautiful photos and beautiful tour.
Too bad the lake was gone. :-(
23km; Wow!
I don't want to imagine the pain in your legs 24 hours later. :-)
Stay Great!

Thank you.
Fortunately, the pain in the legs is not very strong. It was worth the effort :)

Of course it was worth it!
I see that this is number 32 of a series.
I will continue visiting your tours to see where they take me. LOL
Stay great!

Wow! Beautiful photo! Niezłe te foteczki robisz z trasy! Dobra robota i czekam na więcej. Pozdro!👊

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