Be fit Or be Dead #23

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I had a week break in exercise for the elliptical cross trainer.

In this time I use a diet in which I significantly reduced my carbohydrate intake.
Although I am active in other sports - I ride a bike a lot, I often play drums - yesterday when I got to the orbitrec, I knew that training would not be as successful as previous trainings. I just didn't have the strength.
However, I set the load level to 6.
I chose a training program in which the load increases gradually.


My heart rate increased slowly as your load increases in the training program. I reached the middle of the training program, to the highest load, and after 5 minutes the body refused to obey. I totally lacked strength.


I can't consider yesterday's training successful. When I reached the fat burning zone, my body said stop.
That is why I was only 14% of the duration of training in the fat burning zone.


For "order in chronicle" , I put a summary - in 35 minutes I burned only 373 calories.


Today I will be playing drums again with my band, so the next training will be on Friday. I will probably choose a smaller load to be able to do the exercises for an hour.

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