Frank Vogel advised Rondo to use Jason Kidd as the role model

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Rajon Rondo, born in 1986, is in the middle of the thirty, but he is still at the top of the league in terms of game play and passing ability. Rondo, who moved to the Los Angeles Lakers last summer, made an outstanding performance last season with an average of 9.2 points (FG 40.5%) and 5.3 rebound 8 assists.

However, the weak point is also obvious and It is shooting. Rondo, who played 13 seasons in the NBA, has a career success score of 31.5%. In addition to the three-point shot, the free throw totaled only 60.5, which is a disappointing shooting ability for the guard. In the case of three-point shots, his career high was 35.9% last year (on average 1.1 successes), showing some room for improvement.

Most of the Lakers this season are likely to start at the hands of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Both are good for their offense as well as for kick-out passes that are pulled in and out, so the pattern for out-of-the-way chances can often come out.

Therefore, the role of the outer shooters on both wingsides is very important. To this end, the Lakers reinforced the outskirts by recruiting shooters, led by Danny Green this summer. Rondo, who is less capable of shooting outside of them, also needs to hit the shot at least in the open chance to survive the main competition.

In the midst of this season, Frank Vogel, who has taken the Lakers' baton, said in a media interview hosted by the club last Friday, "I advised Rondo to use Jason Kidd as the role model."

Kidd, with Vogel as the Lakers' new assistant coach, was very good at handling and passing the ball, but he was very weak at shooting. But he struggled to overcome the weaknesses.

Vogel then said, "I watched Rondo during the offseason and felt that the shooting was pretty good. I'll see if he can continue in the regular season."

Meanwhile, Rondo has signed a deal with the Lakers this summer. The terms of the contract are at $5,184,358 for two years. Despite his strong performance last season, he lowered his salary significantly for the team.