England football icon Wayne Rooney has moved to Derby County

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England football icon Wayne Rooney has moved to Derby County.

Derby officially announced the arrival of Rooney. Rooney also announced Derby on his social media channel. Rooney will join Derby in January and play the role of playing coach. The uniform number was determined to be 32.

Rooney's derby transfer was in a super ready state. The British BBC and Sky Sports reported a day ahead of Rooney's Derby transfer.

Derby, who won the championship with the Premier League, will be in the Premier League promotion battle in the 2019/2020 season. Last season was led by Frank Lampard.

Rooney left Everton last summer to transfer to the United States Major League Soccer (MLS) DC United. He also played an active part in the MLS stage. He scored 12 goals in 21 games last year, and this year he scored 13 goals in 23 games. Derby aims to promote the need for a veteran striker, reaching out to Rooney.

With Rooney in mind for the future, playing coaches in Derby were a good starting point. Derby accepted the offer and decided to transfer.

Rooney doesn't join right away. He decided to move to Derby in January next year as the season ends later this year.

Rooney was pleased with the transfer of Derby, saying, “I couldn't refuse the opportunity to return to England and play as a coach.

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