Big Man Steven Adams of the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder confessed

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Big Man Steven Adams of the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder confessed.

This summer Oklahoma City trade two key players. Triple double Machine Russell Westbrook moved to Houston Rockets and scorer Paul George moved to Los Angeles Clippers. There were also a lot of trade rumors from Adams, but he was left behind. But this summer seems to have rotted a lot because of the opaque future.

Adams said in an interview with the New Zealand Herald on the 2nd, "It wasn't just a surprise to see the news of the trade. If it happened to another player, it could happen to me enough. "I can't help it because I'm a person."

"I came to help Oklahoma City, I think it's a privilege and a great thing to be a part of this team's history. It's a great honor if the team trades me."

Big Man Adams from New Zealand has been playing for one team in Oklahoma City, ranked 12th overall in 2013. Last season, he scored an average of 13.9 points, 9.5 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 80 regular league games.

Westbrook and George have left the team, but Adams is now in sync with the league's top guard Chris Paul. Chris Paul moved from Houston to Oklahoma City this summer.