Mavericks has no mercy for Warriors

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The Dallas Mavericks are unlucky to beat the Golden State Warriors, 142-94, at the National Basketball Association (NBA) on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Luka Doncic netted 33 points in the first half with a total of 35 points in 25 minutes for another triple-double performance. He threw for 10 rebounds and 11 assists.

The Warriors clinched their worst record of the season, 3-13.

Doncic had just one point to match Dirk Nowitzki's record in the first half on November 3, 2009 against the Utah Jazz.

He also had the most triple-doubles in the NBA in the first 14 games.

Draymond Green is out of harm's way and coach Steve Kerr has used only eight of his players without anyone playing in the past five years as the Warriors reached the finals.

"Tough to lose by 48 points, but a break here or there and it only would have been 42 points," Kerr said. “Nobody caught the sarcasm? I was trying to be funny. ”

On the other hand, for the first time ever with Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Lou Williams playing together, the Los Angeles Clippers showed their skills and outscored the Boston Celtics, 107-104 in overtime.

Out of all three, veteran Patrick Beverley also had good support, who had 14 points, 16 rebounds, including his crucial three.

"If I was a coach, leave me open all the time," Beverley said.

Williams led the Clippers with 27 points, George added 25 and Leonard also had 17 for the Clippers, who threw a huge rally in the fourth quarter to take a 10-point lead over the Celtics and lead the game into overtime. .

The Clippers won with 23 turnovers - seven against Williams while George and Leonard each had five. Celtic had 17 turnovers.

"That was a win, but it was beautiful," explained Clippers coach Doc.

The Celtics still had a chance to score but Kemba Walker's three on the left flanked Leonard, who also matched the time limit.

"He's got enough separation to get it off against most of the league," Celtics coach Brad Stevens described Leonard's performance. “The problem is, that guy's not normal. Not most of the league, and he made a great play to block it. ”

For his part coach Rivers was impressed with Beverley's performance and said, “He literally singlehandedly willed that game with his effort, rebounding, making plays. You're a tough kid. ”

In the other game, the Denver Nuggets dropped eight straight wins to the Houston Rockets, 105-95, under Nikola Jokic's lead with 27 points and 12 rebounds.

Defensive tackle James Harden described Denver coach Michael Malone as the main reason for their victory.

"You have to have rules against James Harden," Malone added. “You can't play him with your standard defense. Great player defense is required for great players. ”

Harden, however, finished the game with 27 points, less than his 36 points or more in the previous eight games.

"That's crazy when a guy scores 27 and it's bad," Jokic said. “We know we are not going to score. You're going to be aggressive. Just make it harder and try to be there. ... Just to give them different looks. ”

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