My Quick Sports Guide 31/10

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My Quick Sports Guide 31/10 ( Personal Reference )

At last back home. Have been outstation for duties for the past week. Now it's time to catch up on sports programs. Really outdated by now.

Today I start with Moto GP 2019, the Australian GP highlights. A little bit of motorcycle racing action from the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit,Victoria, Australia.

Then up next a program called Goals! showing in FOX Sports. Looks like a weekly showcase bringing you the excellent collection of goals for the week.

About Me : A fan of sports. Sports of all sorts from football to volleyball, badminton to squash, even hockey to cycling and running to biking. I even watch beach volleyball and car racing plus a little bit of wrestling, mud wrestling and arm wrestling be it men or women. The sportier the better, now perhaps for a little basketball?

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