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Furkan Korkmaz chose to stay in the NBA despite the offer of Euroleague giants such as Fenerbahce Beko and Real Madrid, and signed a two-year contract with the Philadelphia 76'ers.

It would be a lie if I said it wasn't a surprise. The teams we were in contact with during this period were different. But Philadelphia's goals, the system, knowing me, seeing me as an alternative is pleasing. So I left a good follow-up, they invited me back to the team, "he said.

In the transfer period, also referred to with Fenerbahce Beko Furkan, "I received a large number of social media messages. 'Come to Furkan' he wrote Fenerbahce supporters. Even relatives and friends by calling them through the Fenerbahçe, yellow-blue shirt said they want me to wear. it made me very happy. Turkey's biggest club of one of the fans that love and attention from them was an honor to take every minute messages. whom I thank through you. But I really want to continue in the NBA road, "he said


Thats a nice decision made by FURKAN KORKMAZ, i praise him for taking the steps and continue his NBA dream

I think I agree with the right decision@julstamban

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