Real Madrid revolution between truth and illusion!

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Real Madrid fans wonder with heartbreak and pain "Where is the revolution?" After the Royal team performed its worst performance in the preparation of a new season in the United States, After losing to Atletico Madrid 7-0 in the derby, which brought them together in the International Champions Cup.

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It is true that it is a preparatory match, and it is also true that it is too early to make advance judgments on the team, but the signals coming from Real Madrid preparatory camp do not bode well.

The team ended their American tour with a draw and two defeats, the latest with a heavy result against neighbor Atletico Madrid, which sounded alarm bells inside the royal castle, especially as the fans were looking back after the disappointing level last season.

Zinedine Zidane tried to create an atmosphere of calm after the derby, but Santiago Bernabeu and Madridista officials began to fear about the future of a project that has not yet appeared. When he took office, he first said, "We will change some things."

The message seemed as if the change meant a new team and big contracts, but four months later Zinedine Zidane still had the same names that ended the third place (except Hazard, of course).

The newspaper "Marca" Spanish, some factors that indicate that the revolution of Real Madrid is an illusion and imagination:

Zidane under the spotlight: Five mistakes attributable to the coach in pre-season.

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  1. Always the same.

  2. No change of system.

  3. No reaction capacity.

  4. Few minutes for youngsters.

  5. Little public self-criticism.

You can read the article via the newspaper's website:

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