Tammy Abraham’s 3 minutes debut for England gets Nigerians talking

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The match between the Three Lions and Czech Republic ended 2–1 in favour of Czech Republic. It was a match which fulfilled the dream of the young Tammy Abraham who wished to play for England. On 11 October, he made his debut in the match which had The Three Lions conceding a late goal just minutes before the end of the game.

But what was a dream come true for the 22-year-old striker, has become a topic that came with divided opinions among Nigerians.

The Nigerian squad had wanted Tammy Abraham to represent his Father Land in the Super Eagles' friendly against Brazil slated for October 13, in Singapore but he rejected the call when he was later called up for England's Euro 2020 qualifiers.

This rejection has brought about alot of mixed reactions from Nigerians. While many feel he was unpatriotic in choosing England over his Father Land, others see nothing wrong in his decision.

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I think he made a huge mistake not playing for his nation. He would regret this later like John Fashanu did.

He is old enough to know what he wants and he did just that, made a choice.

Meanwhile, Abraham is yet to make his senior debut for England which he abandoned his country for.

It was a match gone sour for Tammy Abraham.

I feel he should have shown a little bit of patriotism. He scorned his country and honestly that does not go down well with me. See how his debut appearance was on a sour note.

He made his choice, I think every Nigerian should respect that rather than feeling bad about it.