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RE: Announcing Changes to @sportsvoter

in #sportstalk2 years ago

While it is a nice update. Sudden reduction from 20% to 10% may not be a well thought idea. You could have opted for gradual reduction. For example every week it will be reduced by 1% from 20% till 10%. Because sportsvoter account is still very new(hardly 10 days or so) and it was quite appealing for the delegators. This sort of sudden change may not bode well with them.

With this, even the new delegators may think that there will be further and sudden change in the payout to them. So it may not go well. It was gaining popularity very quickly as a bid bot, but now it may not be the case.

This is own personal opinion only.


It's not actually dropping any from what it has been other than a portion being paid in SPORTS POWER. The prior scale allowed it to go up to 20% but its distribution was only at 10% on that scale. We are just capping it at the moment so that it doesn't go higher than what it's been.

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