How have players turned from mere employees to wealthy?

in #sportstalk5 years ago

In fact, football amazes us a lot
It is like a small company that has started to grow and grow amazingly
Until it reached an astronomical value

It is already, or like, a stock exchange that almost touched the ground
Then he went to the sky

Older footballers were just employees who earned a living by playing football
Just like old actors
But there seems to be a mutation that has changed that

Yes, this boom is the media
Everything on television became astronomically valuable
Whether the representatives of football players
It has become the crazy device that has reached millions around the world
Is a way of fame and make money

In fact it is no secret that football players
They became like businessmen in affluence
That magic tool called flags
It has made them statues and symbols of millions around the world

So we see that any league in the world is flooded
The value of his players is immersed

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