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Exciting times for the SPORTS community with the announcement of 2 huge 1 million SPORTS token prizes up for grabs. These have been attached to Fantasy Premier League comps. 1 of these has been run by @acidyo and is headed into its third season and the other is from @blanchy.sports . Big thank you to @patrickulrich for putting up these awesome sponsorship prizes.


Source: Premierleague website

Link for @acidyo's post - "Steem Fantasy Premier League 3"

Link for @blanchy.sports post - "Sportstalksocial Fantasy Premier League"

Now I'm excited, and would love to join in the fun of these contests. There is just 1 small problem... I don't know a great deal about the Premier League. I don't really follow it, and only really pay much attention to Football/Soccer around World Cup time.

So, my solution to get involved, and have a bit of fun with all this is going to be by outsourcing my selections. There is 10 days till kickoff, so in the coming days, I will run some Dpoll posts. Whichever players get the most votes will become my selections. There is a "salary cap" to work within, so I'll have to adapt the choices a bit to fit a team in to the budget.

What's in it for you?

I'm going to make a token on Steem Engine. It will be a simple utility token, designed for 1 purpose. Each person that drops a vote on the polls I run will be granted a token. 1 token per person, per poll will be available. At the end of the season, any prize we may win will be split evenly and distributed to each token holder. Vote in 5 polls, that will give you 5 tokens, meaning 5 shares in any prize won. For the purposes of this exercise, only valid poll responses placed through DPoll will be awarded tokens.

So this way, you can join in the competition and make your own team in these 2 awesome leagues. And, you can help me with my team and share in the prize if the wisdom of the crowd wins out.

I have no Idea how this will go, or how much time and effort this will take me. I have never joined in one of these fantasy league things before, so this is all a big learning experience for me.

If you have any advice, comments, suggestions or criticism, please feel free to let me know in the comments. Otherwise, keep an eye out for my first poll (will be posted from this account) and help select the ultimate crow-sourced fantasy league team.

Cheers for now,



First Poll is up - to vote Click on this link for DPoll voting. Only votes submitted through DPoll will count.


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Good stuff! I don't know how i managed to miss the registration for the previous two seasons, but i did lol. Would have done decent but not near the top...those guys are really good.

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