Build a Bonfire - 2

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Last week, from my main account, I created this post to do my bit and generate some SPORTS token burning.


So, that post has payed out now, and I have sent those tokens to the fires of @null, never to be seen again.
bonfire 1.JPG
Firstly, I checked exactly how much to burn.

bonfire  1 burn.JPG
Sending tokens.

bonfire 1 done.JPG
Proof of Burn.

So, from my first post, a total of 11,391.043 SPORTS tokens were taken out of circulation. 1000 Promotion cost plus 10,391.043 Author reward.

Can we do better this week?? Up-vote this post, and 100% of my SPORTS token Author reward will be sent to @null.

Thanks everyone for voting last weeks post, and helping support the price of SPORT.




Fantastic results and I was hoping you may do another burn post👍

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Thanks mate, I'll do it weekly for a while.


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I really like what you do ... you're giving sportstalk value! thank you

Trying to help out. Thanks for your comment.

Nice work
You are building the sport community

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great plan

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