I Won 1800$ in a Coinpoker's "Shooting Star" Tournament

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Last Sunday was very good for me :) I won ~1800 USD in a Coinpoker's "NoMercy Shooting Star" poker tournament :) This tournament and "TonyG Bike Ride" is Coinpoker's new promo tourneys in which they in addition to usual CHP prizes added bounties for KOing their professional poker players - TonyG and Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier.
And I actually was the one who KOed Isabelle "NoMercy" Mercier from the "Shooting Star" (and left her in the 3rd place). For that today I received 0.1 BTC bounty :) And that is surreal for me. 0.1 BTC + 124.450 CHP (for the 2nd place) is probably the 2nd biggest thing I ever won in my life :) I wrote about the biggest one a while back :)

I didn't take part in the "TonyG Bike Ride", because the buy-in was a bit too steep for me (10.000 CHP=~80$), but 5000 CHP for the "Shooting Star" was worth a try. And I actually managed to go through it without a single rebuy :)

Thanks to all the BROs who taught me how to play this cool game of probabilities and deceit :) Now I will finally have some cheddar to buy that sweet BROwingman package :)

Is anyone of you playing on Coinpoker? If yes, what are your names? Maybe I already whooped your ass a few times? :) If no, feel free to use my referral address (you'll get 1000 CHP welcome bonus after a few days of playing).
There are great tournaments all-day-everyday, but they really step up their game on weekends and offer some good tourneys where you can get great value for your buy-in. There are plenty of freerolls too, but I don't like them, because the gameplay in them is usually terrible. If you are new to poker much better place to learn how to play is BROpoker. But if you don't mind getting a few bad beats once in a while those Coinpoker's freerolls might be right for you, because there's plenty of fish there :)

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