"Durant stopped talking to his teammates for a while"

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Chris Haynes (Yahoo Sports), reveals that the forward's relationship with some of his teammates in the Warriors cooled during a part of last season.


Kevin Durant's stage in the Golden State Warriors closed just over a month ago, after confirming his agreement to play the next four seasons with the Brooklyn Nets. Despite all that he has contributed to Oakland fans, highlighting the two rings of 2017 and 2018 being MVP of the finals, the forward has not said goodbye, nor from afar, in the dream way.

To his unfortunate rupture in the Achilles tendon during the NBA finals, there are specific moments such as the discussion he starred with Draymond Green in the middle of the game. One that set off alarms about its continuity in the Californian block and whose rumors have not stopped making noise until the day on which its march was confirmed.

It was precisely from that "Go, we do not need you" when the forward, as confirmed by Chris Haynes (Yahoo Sports) began to distance himself from his, then, teammates: "There was a time when Durant stopped talking with his teammates. He was really isolated and felt he had no one close to the team. The only teammate he felt closest to was Quinn Cook. "

The journalist, in his interview with the Fox Sports program 'The Herd', did not clarify the moment at which this change in Durant's attitude took place, but he does recognize that he arrived after the discussion and that his rumors began, for then, from his future at the Knicks: "From that moment he stopped talking. He felt that if he said something he would give credibility to all those who said he was thinking of free agency." All indications indicated a change of the player's air at the end of this last course. "Many things were happening and you could tell since everyone knew that this would be their last season in the Warriors," Haynes finished.

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Its so hard to see that even professional players have this kind of problems.