The NBA is looking into Spencer Dinwiddie idea for the season

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The Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie tweeted that "@NBA I think we're looking at a 28 team tournament. Top 4 seeds get a bye. Teams 27,28,29,30 have the neutral site play in games March madness style in a best of 3. Then the round of 16 is best of 5. And then the round of 16 etc proceeds as usual!My estimation the 5 game tune up takes 2weeks. The play in is a week max. The extra round is 7-10days. That way season does not go into August or anything crazy that effects next season too. Fans would go crazy for that last 4 in neutral site tournament." I think it's a bad idea but too many games in one season let's say 28 seed make it to the finals that's could be a 41 games run after a long regular season. But i like the mix of the west and the east conferences. I mean look for instance in a scenario if something happened where 28 seed you had the Brooklyn Nets where Kevin Durant came back fully healthy just in time for the playoffs or even Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson where one hundred percent ready to play just in time for the playoffs with the late additions they made. Spencer Dinwiddie probably got this idea from watching too much dota tournament at home. Imagine if this was implemented and the Golden State Warriors got in, and suddenly got healthy. The same thing with the Brooklyn Nets they could win it all. And that's never been done before in the NBA with so many teams in the best of 5. I think this would take entirely too long to accomplish. It could take longer than two months to determine the finals champ.



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