NBA: Stephen Curry has suffered broken left hand.

in sportstalk •  15 days ago 


The Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry has suffered a broken left hand in today's game against the Phoenix Suns. Golden State Warriors is now about to enter their worst season of this era and it's quite sad to see it like this. They've been dominating for a few years like it seems they're on the top of the world then suddenly they are now on their downfall. I'm a huge fan of Stephen Curry but it's sad to see, an injury is always a horrible thing to see with any team regardless on what side you are on. It could effect that player for the rest of his career. Regardless, i still have hope if not i'll be watching a great season with so many players on different teams this year. And i think this is the quickest that the Golden State Warriors have been officially eliminated from the playoffs that i can remember. Or maybe this is probably the best scenario for him, it's his non shooting hand so he can still stay in shape and he can finally get the rest he needs, mentally and physically, there is no sense in wasting his energy on this season. At this point they are better trying to develop the young players and hope for a good draft pick next year. Anyways,speedy recovery to Stephen Curry.


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