NBA may be back in an All-Star-type exhibition game

in #sportstalk7 months ago


The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says the NBA could host an exhibition, All-Star-like game with a small group of players in a controlled and safe environment as a fundraiser during the coronavirus NBA suspension. I think this is so risky idea by the NBA Commissioner, don't get your hopes up. This isn't about NBA alone anymore, even if they want it, that doesn't mean it will be certain to hapoen. Looking at what is happening around the world and even in the United States. If you are not resuming the games due to health concern, why would you put those top players into risk? They are also players and should be protected like the others. Or if you have a method to resume a game safe, why don't you just resume the whole NBA? Maybe because it's easier to do this kind of exhibition once with all-healthy players. Whereas playing rest of the season would be more expensive and a lot harder to control due to spread of COVID-19 virus and not to count what about the fans. And lastly the health and life of the players are more important than our entertainment purpose. That's all.


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