NBA: Derrick Jones Jr. wins the Dunk Contest Champion

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The Miami Heat forward Derrick Jones Jr. wins the NBA Slam Dunk Contest and defeated Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon. The dunk contest is finally back for the first time since 2016. The judges should've scored 50 points in those last four dunks to be fair. That Derrick Jones Jr. last dunk ain't deserve a 48 points neither did Aaron Gordon 47 points clearly. Dwayne Wade gave Aaron Gordon a 9 just so Derrick Jones Jr. win the Slam Dunk MVP just he's a Miami Heat player. I think they should really try not to use any former NBA players from this generation because there gonna be a lot of conflict of interest. I have seen all of these dunks multiple times in previous dunk contest. Why they are considering a rapper and an actor for becoming a judge in a slam dunk contest? You see, these players having their practices to execute a real good and nice dunk for the fans. But the fans really don't know the true meaning of dunking, all they know is a highlight reel dunk an entertainment a smash on the rim. What the NBA needs to do is to have a dunk contest and participants of the best streetball top dunkers all across the country and pick the best ten of that year and they can compete at All-Star weekend. Nevertheless we the viewers are the true winners with suck entertainment on witnessing one of the most iconic NBA dunk contest all time.



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