Marcus Smart tested positive for COVID-19 and has no symptoms

in #sportstalk7 months ago


The Boston Celtics shooting/ point guard Marcus Smart tested positive for COVID-19 virus and has no symptoms. He announced on twitter that he is in quarantine period he says" I was tested 5 days ago and the results came back tonight, which were positive. I've been self quarantined since the test, thank goodness. COVID-19 must be taken w the highest of seriousness. I know it's a #1 priority for our nations health experts, & we must get more testing ASAP. I've had no symptoms and I feel great. But the younger generation in out country MUST self distance. This is not a joke. Not doing so is selfish. Together we can beat this, but we must beat it together by being apart for a short while. Much love!!" The virus was already contracted months ago by all these people who are new cases who show no symptoms. My theory is their body contracted the virus, built an immunity to it and now the virus lives inside them, just like countless vaccines. I hope all NBA players, coaches, staffs and owner of the teams should undergo tests in this pandemic virus. This how important when you value your life. Basketball is always there but Life is too short. Anyways get well soon Marcus Smart.


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