Golden State Warriors team will donate $1 Million

in #sportstalk7 months ago


The Golden State Warriors players, coaches and owners will donate a huge amount to $1 million to fund for their arena workers without a job due to the NBA COVID-19 virus suspension. It's good to see that the NBA is responding after a few players announced that they were donating their own money. Now you see the owners starting to get into it. And let's be real, this is just beginning here, be grateful whatever anyone donates, no matter how much money they have. We don't know how many more people we may have to reach out and help. These are the best stories, love that these athletes have taken it upon themselves to take care of their arena workers. I thank GOD for every penny that has fallen on the ground that has gone toward the cause of getting this COVID-19 virus. Anyways, much respect to the Golden State Warriors to take care of their arena worker.


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