Brandon Ingram appreciates Lonzo Ball grind

in #sportstalk7 months ago


The New Orleans Pelicans Small/Power forward Brandon Ingram appreciates Lonzo Ball improvements and he says "It's a beautiful thing to see. He's put in the work. He goes to the gym, even when i say i'm tired and i'm taking days off. He's there all the time. He's falling in love with the game of basketball. I like what he's doing." People gave up on Lonzo Ball so damn quick it's ridiculous. His talent has been easy to recognize this entire time. All he had to do was get a more consistent jump shot and he's done that. I'm happy they both had the chance to prove themselves after LeBron James and the. Zion Williamson now they look like they'll be a solid squad in the next few years. And the team Pelicans reminds me of the young Oklahoma City Thunder back in the day. Lots of talent and very dangerous team and lastly they need to stick it out and let time turn them to champs. I hope they win championship together.



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