Today was the day

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While I kind of had the blues writing my post yesterday my mood has totally shifted.

I am full of energy, could hug random people and just want to drink water and eat fruits.

And all of this because one workout in the morning.

While there was no chance in hell that for a second workout today I am still pretty happy to get choked and do a bit of the choking myself in the BJJ class.

The class was very small and except the Professor everyone is a white belt, which is good and bad.

Good : you dont get totally overwhelmed

Bad : you dont get totally overwhelmed and realize how much there is still to learn

The class was very different organized then the one from the last gym and seems to be more focused on technique but also what do I know after one class?

Best part was it was free as it was my first class there.

While I spent the rest of the day playing Steemmonsters I think this was the day which I needed to get back on track


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Sounds like a fun class, I know you have a calander but I can't recall how often you have BJJ class?. Eventually you'll be getting two workouts and you'll feel better and sleep better!

could go daily. Will see next week

First day is always the hardest I suppose until you wake up all stiff the next day.

Does it record your matches? Like win-lose records? It's an exciting thing to learn and at the same time apply the learning.

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