@fbslo on SportsTalkSocial! 100,000 SPORTS Staked!

in #sportstalk5 years ago (edited)

Today I bought my firts SPORTS tokens and I love new community! @kid4life.sports told me about SportsTalkSocial and I decided to check it out. I bought almost 100,000 SPORTS and I will use it mostly for curation.

Would you like to be part of my white-listed authors? Comment bellow and maybe I will add you to my auto-upvote.

I run sometimes and I love paintball but I don't have time (or money) to play it more often.


I don't know much about sports and this is also the reason why I joined the SportsTalk so I can learn more :)


fbslo.net & Fenetix.com


Lepo da, si spet aktiven 😀

#actifit po novem samodejno dodaja #sportstalk na dnevna poročila...

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Aja, častim pivo 🍺👍


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Welcome back @fbslo!

I've heard about sportstalk but have only now taken a closer look.

The potential is amazing.

I'll have to start buying some sports tokens myself when I get a chance.

Welcome bro!!

So happy to see you here, back active in the blockchain world!

Thanks ;)

I was 'offline' mostly because steemit.com was so laggy because of all the ads and I stoped using it. It's great to have so many new communities.

Welcome !

I did pretty much the same as you and bought a chunk to start off with. Author/Curator split is nice and rewards are pretty good at present. They could of course turn to shit depending on how abuse is tackled but let's see how it goes. Cheers :)

Thank you :)

Is there any group like "steemcleaners" on Sports Talk yet?

Not yet. Currently it is down to the community to report and remove rewards from abusers - and there are plenty :(

depending on how abuse is tackled

My first day owning SPORT power and already flagged like 4 people for self voting each and every shit comment they made without rewarding the content creator of course. Acc @lostwings, @steemrule others I can't remember.

Just seen them, time to bring out the hammer 🔨🔨🔨

Welcome to Sports Talk Social, you can add me to your auto-upvote hehehehe.

I also bought 17800 sports just an hour ago and really excited to be among the early adopters here.

Thanks ;) It's great that the community is getting bigger every day :)

maybe you can get passionate about bets, in case you can follow me, my blog will be mainly dedicated to this ...

Welcome to Sportstalksocial! I just gave you a follow.

Good choice!👍

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