What does Anthony Joshua's hug with Andy Ruiz Jnr after the rematch, mean to to you?

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Hello there,


Over the weekend, on the 7th December to be precise. Anthony Joshua defeated Andy Ruiz Jr to reclaim the covetous belts (IBF, WBA and WBO title) he once held. And the fight which took place at the Diriyah Arena, Saudi Arabia attracted spectators and speculators from all over the world.

To me, I think the rematch was over hyped. I didn't see anything special about it as the match was very boring and not entertaining to say the least.


There wasn't clear jabs. Joshua keeps running from one place to another. And i wonder how he was declared winner at the end of the boring exercise. I hold this view on subjective terms and despite the fact that the boxer is a fellow country man.

And I don't think I was the only one who's holding this view. Many fans of the boxers have embroiled in bitter argument online over the outcome of the rematch. While Mr Ruiz Jnr fans are of the opinion that the whole thing is a broad daylight rubbery against their hero, Mr Joshua's fans are of the opinion that it was a well deserved victory for their man!

But, seriously, I wonder why people, the so called fans, are troubling themselves with an issue that shouldn't be their concern. Even the actors hold no contrasting views against the outcome of the event. While fans were killing themselves, the actors seem to have moved on. And even jus then that both Joshua and Ruiz shared a very deep hug while the former was issuing press conference.

This brotherly hug I'd want you to comment on. What does it mean to you in the face of obvious disagreement among the fans over the outcome of the game? Does the hug pass a message? What does it represent?

Let me hear your opinion on this. Thanks.

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