Unfair inequality: Can anyone tell me why Anthony Joshua would earn disproportionately more than his opponent, Andy Ruiz in their rematch game?

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I can't seem to understand the reason why Anthony Joshua will pocket $85million while Andy Ruiz will walk away with paltry $13milliom which is said to be $2million more than be earned in their first meeting?


Recall that Anthony Joshua will be facing Andy Ruiz on 7 December in a much awaited rematch. The rematch will take place at Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia and will see Anthony Joshua aiming to reclaim the belts he unexpectedly lost to Andy Ruiz during the first leg of their encounter which took place in June at Madison Square.

Riyadh Newsflash reported that whether Anthony Joshua wins or not, he's gonna pocket about $85million while Andy Ruiz will take home $13million. This is where I have issue with the organisers!

This is damn unfair! What's the parameters used to assess both boxers?

Both boxers come from top two countries of the world; one from the United States while the other, United Kingdom. So, the parameter used couldn't have on the basis of country of origin?

I am really curious to know the basis of this unfair sharing formulae.

Please if you're in the know, don't fail to let me know.



Cos at the moment Joshua is the Nadal of boxing and in these cases they share the higher percentage of the proceed because of his ranking and endorsements

More acceptable view

Joshua is a superstar boxer and has built up his reputation. He's the main draw for spectators around the world. Ruiz was a top 10 fighter and was expected to be beaten fairly comfortably in their previous encounter. His stock isn't up there yet.

Another acceptable opinion

Because Joshua is WBA WBO IBO and IBF heavyweight champion and he accepted a rematch giving his opponent chance for a rematch putting all belts at risk.

Joshua could say "No" if he want to...

Thanks for your response. But he was beaten by Mr Ruiz in their first encounter who, then, took away all these belts. By virtue of being the current holder of these belts, ain't he suppose to earn equally with Mr Joshua?

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