Pep Guardiola: Emery sacked for lack of good results and never due to language barrier

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Sometimes people like to make stupid assumptions and it's perfectly normal for some folks to live in falsehood. That's man for you, and as long as there are interests, falsehood and stark lies would continue to be the dwelling place of some. Because, naturally, they're born to monger lies and propagate what never happened.

Following the sack of Unai Emery by Arsenal FC, many football enthusiasts have wrongly attributed it to the inability of Emery to fluently communicate in English language. According to these folks, Emery lacks the necessary linguistic capacity to communicate strategies and techniques to his players.

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I consider such assumptions very unintelligent and even stupid. How can stupid imagination be entertained in the first place, let alone voicing it out?! When I heard it, I refused to assimilate it because it's stupid and uninteresting. And thank God that today I have seen someone, in the person of Pep Guardiola, who thinks in the line of my reasoning.

According to Manchester City boss, attributing Emery's sack to inability to communicate in English is illogical. Mr Guardiola said poor results and inability to win games must have been the chief reasons Unai Emery was relieved of his job.

Pep Guardiola went further to point out that vocal channel ain't really the only means to communicate to people. There are many ways and means to communicate to people other than using vocal channel. People can communicate via images, signs, gestures, the body, emotions, etc. Coaches have assistants who should also help to pass information in the event that the chief coach lacks ability to communicate in language that's understood by the players.

Even if a coach is deaf and dumb but always winning games, such a coach becomes star coach and will be handsomely rewarded and adored too. So his sack couldn't have been over inability to speak English language fluently but poor result.

Recalled that when Emery left, he was about 8 points outside the Champions league threshold, and he wasn't able do win any of his final seven games while in charge of Arsenal FC.

So his sack, I agree with Guardiola, must have been due to poor results.

Thanks for reading and do have a great Sunday holiday.

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